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Article Custom hostnames (your own domain)
Required: You must have your own registered domain and at minimum have it delegated to a provider...
Views: 231
Article How do I transfer/backup my Unique Identity (UID)?
Click on Settings > Identities, then choose the identity you want to export (usually Default)...
Views: 2676
Article How does TS3 user authentication work?
A user login name and password like in TeamSpeak 2 do no longer exist. Instead TeamSpeak 3 uses...
Views: 1294
Article How to make reserved slots
If you wish to reserve slots for Admins, or a particular server group, follow the below steps: 1....
Views: 712
Article Overseas users dropping?
Our primary goal is to offer a quality service to Australians without interruptions and as such...
Views: 358
Article Quick information about how users work
TS3 does not require any logins and passwords and user registration is not necessary. TS3...
Views: 1314
Article will never ask for any privelidges on your server
Anybody who claims to be from and is asking for a key or to be made admin is a...
Views: 1263
Article TS3 Client Download
TeamSpeak3 Client -
Views: 1474
Article TS3 user management and permission system (in detail)
(1) TeamSpeak 3 server user management--------------------------------------The mechanism...
Views: 7850
Article TS3 viewer causing flood ban?
Is your web application or TS3 viewer/query application getting banned due to flooding? You will...
Views: 3409
Article Where is the backup server?
You can use the backup server if there are issues with your server or your users cannot connect...
Views: 497
Article How to create a new Privilege Key (token) to regain Admin access.
You can create a new admin token for yourself. Click My Services - then click Manage Service on...
Views: 1972

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